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XMMS2 Release Status

Stable: None

Developer: 0.8 DrO_o



apt-get install xmms2

The official XMMS2 Debian packages maintained by Florian Ragwitz. Several popular clients and plugins are available, as well:

apt-cache search xmms2
Ubuntu - Hardy Heron and following
apt-get install xmms2
yum install xmms2

You may wish to enable rpmfusion, as it provides these addon packages which cannot be included in Fedora for legal reasons:

  • xmms2-avcodec - Plugin for avcodec supported formats
  • xmms2-faad - Plugin for aac and mp4 audio formats
  • xmms2-freeworld - Upstream provided plugins for xmms2 that cannot be included in Fedora
  • xmms2-mad - Plugin for mpeg Audio files
  • xmms2-mms - Plugin for mms audio streams
  • xmms2-mp4 - Plugin for mp4 audio
ALT Linux Sisyphus

Binary packages of XMMS2, as well as gxmms2 and nyello are available from repository. To install, respectively:

apt-get install xmms2
apt-get install gxmms2
apt-get install nyello

Rugek has a port repository with Xmms2 here:

Frugalware Linux

xmms2 and gxmms2 packages are available in the frugalware-current repository. To install :

pacman-g2 -S xmms2
pacman-g2 -S gxmms2
Arch Linux

Xmms2 is available in the community repository; various clients could be found in AUR.

Gentoo Linux

Lately ebuilds for XMMS2, xmms2-scrobbler and LXMmusic were added to portage. To install:

emerge xmms2
emerge xmms2-scrobbler
emerge lxmusic

As XMMS2 has a lot of USE-flags, you would want first to check them (and dependencies according to them), so you can set them before installation:

equery u xmms2
equery g xmms2

For more clients you would need to check custom overlays, but instead of adding them i would suggest just using ebuild for specific client you want.



Getting XMMS2 to build/run on Windows is mostly working, but not all features of XMMS2 are currently available on Windows, and some plugins are missing/broken. Also note that these packages have not been thoroughly tested by the XMMS2 team. See also: Windows.

Mac OS X


xmms2 is included in MacPorts. To install:

sudo port install xmms2

To see which optional features are available:

port variants xmms2

If the MacPorts port of xmms2 is out of date or needs to be enhanced in some way, please file a ticket in the MacPorts issue tracker.

Build from source

If you prefer, you can install xmms2's dependencies, and then download the xmms2 source and configure it manually:

./waf configure --prefix=/opt/xmms2 --conf-prefix=/opt/xmms2 --nocache

And then:

./waf build && ./waf install



xmms2 is now included in the FreeBSD ports tree. It can be found in audio/xmms2.


A xmms2 pkgsrc package for NetBSD and other operating systems supported by pkgsrc is available at


Note: you should read the Install instructions page as well.

About the GIT repository: